Learning to Knit


The first step of My Knitting Journey

Following my discovery that you have to have the right sized needles for your wool, I finally had the right tools for the job and began my knitting journey.

On Sunday I knit two small pieces, following the clear instructions in Knitty Gritty, my new Knitting Bible.

First, I learned the knit stitch and how to add a new colour:

Learning to Knit

The gap in the middle of the blue is where I accidentally used one size 6 needle and one size 8 needle, oops!

Then I learnt to purl and created the stocking stitch:

Learning To Knit - Purl

I got a bit confused with my rows and lost the stocking stitch in a couple of places, as you can tell!

If at first you don’t succeed ….

Learning To Knit - Stocking Stitch

Try again! … Monday’s attempt at Stocking stitch – (almost) perfecto!

All in all, it’s coming along nicely and after my two days of knitting, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

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