Day Zero – 43. Buy something from Etsy


First Task Completed!

If you haven’t already, have a read about my Day Zero challenge.

This week I’ve already crossed off my first item – Number 43. Buy something from Etsy.

When I first discovered Etsy many years ago, all the sellers I found were in the US.  These days, more and more UK sellers are setting up shop there – Yay!

I was lucky enough to discover the wonderful Kim Artwork a few weeks ago, a wonderful Etsy based shop owned by Kim Anderson, Artist & Illustrator.

For my birthday Mr Melvis gave me some pennies to choose the prints I wanted and bought me two lovely wooden frames to put them in.

After many days of deliberating, I finally chose two prints and they arrived today!

The first print I chose was “Be Free” ~

Be Free by KimArtwork

This is really pretty and was only £3.50 for a 5″x7″ print!

My second choice was “Starry Night Snuggle” ~

Starry Night Snuggle by KimArtworkI love these cute foxes!  This was just £4.00 for the 5″x7″ print.

Task one complete! A tick of my list, £2 in my savings pot (when I get one!) and two lovely (soon to be) framed prints as well.  I think I’m going to like this challenge! x

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