Day Zero Progress – Week 1


Off to a good start!

Firstly, I will point out that if you are considering starting the Day Zero Challenge, write your list before you sign up!  I didn’t realise that your 1,001 days starts from the moment you join and it took me almost 48 hours to complete my list.

That being said, my list is done and if I do manage to achieve all the things on it in my 1,001 days, I’ll be one very happy bunny!

My first week is almost over, here’s how I’ve been getting on ~

I’ve completed 2 tasks – Yippee!  Granted, they were pretty easy tasks but every little helps!

Day Zero – 43. Buy something from Etsy
Day Zero – 55. Add a cover photo to my Facebook page


I’ve also made pretty good progress on some of the other tasks.

17. Make a blanket – I’ve found a few ideas, I just need to perfect my knitting!
20. Upcycle Something – I have 2 empty jars, but what to do with them?
37. Watch 10 films at the cinema – I have 2 pairs of free tickets to Showcase and Mr M is taking me to see Man of Steel next weekend (I got me a date!)
42. Buy 20 items from my massive Amazon wishlist (1/20)
52. Lose 4 stones (56lbs) in weight (2/56)
53. Save £2 for each task I complete (£4/£202)
58. Keep a diary for my blog (release dates, blog tours etc) – I bought a mid year diary from Poundland, but it doesn’t start til August!
60. Write a blog post for each task I complete (2/101)
88. Eat out 10 times with Mr Melvis (1/10)
96. Send 50 cards, letters or gifts to Post Pals children (2/50) – probably should have set this number higher!

Not bad!

This afternoon Mr Melvis and I are off out to B&Q for some gardening inspiration and to pick up some plain stepping stones and hopefully some cheap tiles for Mosaic purposes! (64. Make stepping stones for the garden).

If during my journey I do happen to inspire you to start your own Day Zero list (101. Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list), please let me know!


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