30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Day 6


6. (Write a letter to) A stranger

Apologies for being a day late, the sunshine got the better of me and I was also a little stuck for ideas of who to write to!

Dear Woman In Park ….

Whilst you may think that your massive, boisterous dog is cute and adorable and when he comes bouncing over to my dogs, that it is kind and friendly, I regret that I must disagree.

My dogs are on their leads for two reasons.

Izzy is on her lead because she is scared of strangers, this includes other dogs.  Whilst she is obedient and always comes back when I call her, if she is off her lead I run the risk of her snapping at another dog and I wouldn’t want that to happen.

Rude Boy is on his lead because although he is the friendliest dog you’ll probably ever meet, he is not obedient.  If he sees a dog on the opposite side of the park, he will run over to say “Hello!” to that dog and won’t come back if I shout him.  The dog that he is going to see might not be so friendly, he may be an “Izzy” – on his lead to avoid contact with other dogs.

It would appear to me that your dog is a “Rude Boy” – he is friendly and wants to chat to all the other dogs, but he is disobedient as when you call him in your high pitched womanly way, he doesn’t listen.  He disregards what you are saying and comes over anyway.

I don’t know you or your dog and therefore I don’t know that if he gets too close to Izzy and she snaps, that he won’t retaliate.  Your dog is at least five times the size of Izzy and could no doubt do her a lot more damage than vice versa and that’s not something I’d be overly pleased to see happen, for obvious reasons.

So if you could possibly put your dog on the lead to have at least some control over him (although I’m pretty sure he could pull you straight over in a second), that would be wonderful.

Many Thanks

Miss Melvis

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