30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Day 10


10. Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear Disco …

It would seem that since we went our separate working ways we struggle to find time for a natter, even though we sit just a few desks apart.  It was much easier when we were on the same team!  Now, you’re super busy doing your new job and I’m super busy doing my job and we grab the odd few words here and there but the full on conversations are gone … though it’s no doubt doing wonders for our productivity!

Then there is the constant cancelling and re-arranging of our Stella nights, on both our parts granted but you must agree that your life outside of work is a whole deal busier and more fulfilled than mine ;)

From this day forth we should do more fun stuff outside of work, more Stella nights with the Pontyberry crew (I’ve got series 2 on DVD now too!), more pub grub and more doggy walks. I miss our chats and despite the fact I see you almost every day, I feel like we haven’t talked in forever.


love Melvis xx

P.S – I appear to have double-booked myself this Saturday and I’m going to have to re-arrange the re-arranged Stella night … oops!

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